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RE: Scroll idea

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert!
>I think displaying scrolls is a great idea.
>I think that if the scroll's authors/creators are in court when the   
>scrolls are presented that the scribe should be the one to present the   
>scroll either to the herald, king or recipient.  If possible and   
>desirable the scribe could be the one who reads the scroll.  Who knows   
>the text better?  

      Actually what worked for Master Trygvi and what I have plans to do
is to
have the scribe stand up in court when the scroll is presented.  
I've only had three presentations so far and haven't been able to enact
this idea
much myself yet but that is my intention.  

You are right when, a scribe
does the actual scroll and the scroll is presented rather than a
promissory it
would be nice to have the scribe read the text however most of the time
promissory is handed out and read in court. (Also I see the reading of
the text
as mostly the herald's job, however whether that's "cut in stone" or
not, I'm not sure.)
 When the actual scroll is handed out then it is not necessary to read
the text since 
most of the time scrolls completed are backlog scrolls where the
announcement of
the award has been read from a promissory.


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