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All this scroll talk

Poster: Logan and Arielle <logan123@charlotte.infi.net>

We think that the idea is pretty much a hit.  What We would like to see 
happen is for some of you "creative minded" people to come up with ideas 
for SAFE displays.  After talking to Her Majesty about this We have 
decided to (hopefully) start a new trend here in Atlantia.  That being a 
display of scrolls following directly after court.  We will start doing 
this at 12th night.  What We would like to ask of anyone who is 
interested is that you create "prototypes" of scroll holders.  Theses 
should meet the following criteria:

1. They should be easy to transport (able to lay flat in the trunk of a 
2. They should be inexpensive (since many will be donated)
3. They should be easy to use (two sheets of 1/4" plexiglas held together 
with masking tape)
4. They should be various sizes (for AoA scrolls all they way to Laurel 
or Duchey sizes) 
5. They should be at 12th night

Thanks for all the responses

Serving Atlantia and all Her people

Logan  &  Arielle
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