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[Fwd: fealty and homage questions?]

It seemed an interesting question, so...

In (smiling) service,

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(this is being posted here on the Rialto, and on the calontir list.
I'd like it to be spread over onto other nets/lists, if possible, if
y'all would be so kind - as long as you don't go overboard.....<grin>
Please be kind enough to include the entire questionaire, of course,
including my email address.....)

I'm slowly working up an article on historical fealty and homage 
ceremonies. Several friends have suggested that I add in a 
section on SCA-specific fealty and homage thangs, as a sort of 
Known World anthropology discussion. I was wondering, 
I'd appreciate hearing from y'all on as many of the following as 
you'd care to tell me about. Mind you, I don't need full-fledged 
historical studies here; I'm looking for SCA practices, feelings, 
prejudices, and such. If they're based on history, so much the 
better; I'd appreciate references.
1) What is fealty, and what is homage?
2) I've heard there are three types of fealty sworn in the Society: 
officer, where you swear fealty to the Crown and Kingdom as an 
officer of the kingdom; associate, where you swear fealty to a 
bestowed peer as a squire, apprentice, and/or protege; and 
personal, where you swear to your head-of-household, the rest 
of the household, or some other person or group. Which have 
you done, why, and if you haven't, why not?
3) If the Crown has offered the chance for the populace to swear 
fealty (as happens in Calontir, for example), why or why not 
have you sworn? And if you were the Crown that offered such, 
4) If you've sworn fealty/done homage to a person, why, and 
what ceremonies and/or oaths did you use? 
5) If you've _received_ fealty/homage from someone, why?
6) So, presuming you wanted to swear fealty to or to receive 
fealty from someone, how did you approach that person?
7) General comments. Be specific. <grin>

If this works out, I might turn it into one or more classes for the 
Calontir Royal University (pending their approval and my stage 
fright), and possibly even *gasp* publish it. This means, 
obviously, I'd like to attach your name to your comments, if they 
make it into the class/article; if you have some objections, tell 
me, and I'll keep your name out of it.

My email address is alban@delphi.com

Many thanks.

Alban St. Albans, Calontir.
(Yup, I did it, too: came up with a more-or-less historic homage 
ceremony, borrowed an oath from Bracton (an English legal 
writer a century or two after the Conquest), and *poof* I had 
done homage and sworn fealty to Mistress Tegan. The article I'm 
working on came out of the research needed to do all this as 
right as we could.)

-- END included message