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Deer parts! was re: Sheep Parts! (not for delicate tummies)

Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@tibinc.com>

Alfredo and Earl Daffydd 
>> Why is it there isn't any sub-space chatter here about other uses
>> for that poor sheep?  It's making me seem kind of ghoulish, being
>> the only one.
I'd rather talk about deer parts.  Although it's looking unlikely that I get
a deer, I am still persisting in going hunting until the end of the season.
All of the meat is claimed :) and I believe someone in my canton
(Kappellenberg) wants the skin, but I'm going to have lots of other parts,
if anyone really wants them.  Oh, antlers are claimed for knife handles.
It's likely we'd field dress any deer, but that doesn't preclude me saving
out any bits that someone desparately wants (I have a cooler, and it's
definately cold enough to keep whatever bits anyone wants fresh).  Mostly, I
wish I could process most of it, but I can't- I have almost no facilities
for tanning, or curing, or whatever.  So if anyone wants any bits, and live
either in windmaster's hill or... er, southern virginia around Halifax
County, let me know.  This is assuming, of course, that I actually get a
deer.  Maybe I'll get beginner's luck.
Bryn y Pobydd (the piper)
Kappellenberg, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Quarterly sable and gules, two feathers fesswise argent.

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