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Re: Well it finally happened-reply (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>
> > Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com
> > 
> >        Luther
> > PS for the curious my sin was wearing a coat of arms which had yet to be
> > registered.
> How sad that such a simple thing should give rise to such villainous
> attacks!

Indeed-most heralds _want_ people to display more heraldry-it's
good for business, after all!

> Wearing unregistered heraldry is not a sin -- it is only inadvisable
> to spend so much time making garb that might have to be re-done if the
> device does not pass!  (Unless it is already registered to someone 
> else -- then it's discourteous to assume someone else's honors.)

I classify unregistered coats of arms much as Bartolo of Sasso
Ferrato did: assumed arms are legitimate, but they are not as
easy to "keep." Several individuals can have the same _assumed_
arms, though the masters of law tend to frown on this. Registered
arms, otoh, are much like arms from a prince, in that they have
been made a part of (SCA) public record. Arms from a prince
cannot be assumed by another person, and he that does so ought to
be brought before the magistrate, preferrably by the recipient of
the arms from the prince. It can even be held that the princely
warrant outranks proof of long and uncontested assumed use.

Petrus de Castro, Magister Artium

Craig Levin
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