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the return of the really bad joke part two

Poster: AubreyGawn@aol.com

Kudos to Mistress Magera of hidden mountain, who told this one at an event
many years ago; I hope I do it justice...

There was once a group of friars who had a wonderous green house where the
raised all sorts of exotic plants. People came from all parts of the country
to see their strange plants. The prize of their collection was an odd plant
with a huge pod at the end of a stalk. The friars charged admission to their
collection and it was their main source of donations, so only those who had
money could get to see the plants. One day, a group of young people, who
could stand their curiosity no longer, climbed the wall and stole their way
into the green house. Without warning, one of their number was gobbled up by
the strange plant with the pod. The other children escaped and ran home and
told their parents. Soon a mob had gathered at the gates of the friars
enclosure demanding that the offending plant be destroyed. The friars,
yelling down from their walls, said that it was their prize exibit and they
would not give it up. They were sorry, but said the children should not have
been trespassing. The mob tried to break down the doors but they had no tools
and the doors were too thick, so they went to the local blacksmith and asked
for his help. Hugh was his name, and he grabbed his largest hammer and led
the mob back to the greenhouse. With his mighty hands he swung his hammer and
broke down the door and beat his way past the friars. In the garden he
grabbed a shovel and smashed the man eating plant. He returned to the front
door to the cheers of the crowd and standing there, holding his shovel,
stated the moral of the story..."Only Hugh can prevent florist friars!"

       Appologies! (not really)

Perhaps I should now quote Mark Twain..."He who tells puns should be drawn
and quoted"

       Aubrey Gawen
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