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The joy of good friends

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Earl Dafydd wrote, in part:
> So my natural response to your saying :
> > (everyone knows that mercenaries aren't period-- in Atlantia, anyway)
> Is to say: sure they're period.  And they are mistreated, just like
> period mercenaries :^)
> Which is not to say that I approve of some of the actions of past crowns
> in conflict with Anglesea, for example at Pointless War a year and some
> months ago.  I think the Anglesea fighters were ill-treated on that
> occasion.

Bravo!  And so were the poor Atlantians asked to impose upon them.  We 
really shouldn't treat our friends (the imposed or imposers) that way.
> However, I would like to point out that loyalty to the Kingdom is a very
> important part of the game we play, to a lot of people.  To take the role
> of a true mercenary group is to label yourself as "not loyal to the
> Kingdom", and to evoke strong emotional responses in people.  I do not
> say this to justify their actions, just to try to explain to you why
> the reaction occurred.

Perhaps the better way to phrase this is that Mercenaries are not Obliged 
to serve the Kingdom.  And of course, the Kingdom is not Obliged to 
protect and defend these same Mercenaries.  Not that I think the Anglesea 
need such protection.

If Atlantia THINKS these fighters, or others like them, are important, 
then I am sure that there are means by which the Crown can RECOGNIZE that
(wink, wink, wink) without abusing the poor individuals.

The Crown has the means to tie almost anyone to it with bonds of mutual 
obligation.  If the captain of a mercenary company brings with him the 
fealty of a worthy group of fighters, then perhaps he deserves some 
elevation.  If a group represents a significant force of skill, service, 
or arts, perhaps they deserve recognition.


The SCA has brought me more and better friends then I have had most of my 
life.  I hate to think that we institutionalize the desparagement of any 
of them.  May all my friends know the joy of this holiday season and all 
my enemies learn the meaning of it.

In Friendship,
Leifr Johansson
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