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Re: Order of Preference and Ragnar--tardy reply

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In a message dated 96-12-23 10:52:40 EST, nuala@ix.netcom.com (nuala) writes:

<< leaving aside the fact that the 
 results of his fights might have been marginally different if he 
 had been placed correctly in the Order of Preference, it was 
 decided in this forum that he was listed as "Lord Ragnar of 
 Anglesea," not by his proper name.  the statement was made that 
 "when someone changes his name, it's his duty to report it to the 
 Herald, etc." >>

The Order of PRECEDENCE (not Preference) is designed to catalog and track
recipients of armigerous awards (basically).  Its purpose at Crown is to
provide a ranking list (based upon when armigerous awards were received) for
the Ceremonial Procession, with non-armigers on one end and Royal Peers on
the other.  It has no influence whatsoever on placement in the tourney list
or who someone fights.  The Herald's office has no responsibility for Lord
Ragnar's performance on the field based upon where he stood in a ceremonial

As for Lord Ragnar's name being incorrectly assessed upon his receipt of his
AoA, please be aware that both the Crown and the court herald do their best
to get the accurate name before court, however, obviously it would spoil the
surprise if the court herald came up and asked you for your correct name, and
if no one else can provide the information, must go with what they have,
whether it comes from a word-of-mouth reference or a letter written by a
friend or acquaintance who didn't send in all the name or the correct
spelling (maybe they don't know it either).  Whatever you are called into
court as, will probably be what is sent to the Clerk of Precedence by both
the Crown and the court herald and will be entered into the records thus.

Having heralded many courts, I can tell you firsthand, that frequently we do
not have enough information about someone being called into court.  At this
past Pennsic, I called a gentle into Atlantian great court who was not
present.  After court, I was informed, quite emphatically, that I had
mispronounced the first name and was given another pronunciation.  When we
tried again at field court two days later, I used the new pronunciation and
was corrected by the lord himself.  My previous attempt had been correct.
 (We won't even go into how I goofed up the last name.)  But the point being,
that prior to that first court, I could not find anyone who knew the lord in
question and could provide accurate information as to the pronunciation of
his name.  (And I asked, oh boy, did I ask...)

Neither the Crown nor heralds are mind-readers and if there is no one
available to give better information, we must go with what we have.  If you
receive an award under an incorrect name, please go to the court herald
immediately after court and ask that it be corrected so it will appear
correctly in the court records.  Then follow up and check the listing in the
Acorn at the end of the reign or check with the Clerk of Precedence.

Nereid Herald
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