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Re: displaying scrolls etc

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

I think I need to address two topics.  First of all, I certainly did not
intend to say all fighters do not appreciate scrolls.  Someone forcefully
told me that most fighters do not.  The veracity of that opinion can
be debated at length.  However, my original point was that to be
told that is a powerful de-motivator.

Now onto happier subjects:

Scripsit Miriam:
>Scripsit Corun:
>> Miriam wrote:
>> >
>> > I think the main reason is that every time you take a framed scroll
>> > down off the wall and transport it somewhere, you risk damage. I
>> > myself couldn't afford to replace broken glass or frames on the
>> > scrolls I've managed to frame, and if the scroll itself were damaged,
>> > I couldn't replace it at all.
>> > Perhaps we could assemble a photo album that could be brought to
>> > Kingdom events so people could look through it for ideas or to
>> > see examples of someone's work...
>> Stephen Harroldsson, Storvik's current A&S Officer, had an idea
>> for displaying scrolls at demos. He suggested everyone take their
>> scrolls to their local Kinko's (or equivalent) and have them
>> colour photcopied. These copies could then be displayed in a notebook
>> at demos and no scrolls would be risking damage. I know this isn't
>> as flashy as seeing the actual scroll, but it would certainly avoid
>> damage.
>What a great idea!  If a copy could be made to keep in a Kingdom album and 
>second copy to put in the local group's demo book, that would save wear and 

>tear and let more scrolls be seen.  The name of the scribe and the date
>be included with the copy as well.....

The color photocopying of scrolls is an excellent idea.
The scribes in Falcon Cree (myself included) have been copying
our scrolls for the past several years.  I keep mine in a notebook
to use as a portfolio and to display at demos.

However, I see one major flaw to Miriam's idea.  The cost of
color photocopies.  To have one done usually costs me about
$1.50.  If I do two more for the Kingdom and the local group, that
costs me an additional $3.  So now I add $4.50 to the cost of
doing a scroll.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable asking other scribes
to spend an additional $3 to $4.50 to produce a scroll when they
are already absorbing the original cost of materials.

Now, who will take responsibility for looking after those albums?
I can think of plenty of articles that get easily lost, and something
the size of a book can get lost VERY easily.

I don't mean to be a wet blanket about it, because I do think that
it is a very good idea.  I'm just trying to look at the practical side.

In service,

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