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RE: displaying scrolls etc

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>The color photocopying of scrolls is an excellent idea.
>The scribes in Falcon Cree (myself included) have been copying
>our scrolls for the past several years.  I keep mine in a notebook
>to use as a portfolio and to display at demos.
>Now, who will take responsibility for looking after those albums?
>I can think of plenty of articles that get easily lost, and something
>the size of a book can get lost VERY easily.
Actually as far as the kingdom's copies, I was planning on keeping 
one stack of color copies with the Clerk of Signet's office as a book of
ideas for other scribes to look at.  Ideally I could eventually make
of said book and give one to each baronial A&S officer.  To date, I have
only received 2 color copies and haven't been able to get more done so 
it's pretty much a moot discussion but definitely this is a goal.

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