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Re: Scrolls

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> >I think I'll put tags in the scroll frames with the names of 
> >the   creators. 
> > 
> Your idea is wonderful, thank you!  Another point is that if the 
> scribe goes 
> through the effort of putting some form of contact information on the 
> back 
> of the scroll, perhaps the recipients could send thank you cards.  I do 
> as 
> Clerk of Signet get them on rare occasions but it's VERY rare.  (Course, 
> if 
> there is no contact information on the back, you could send something 
> to the Clerk of Signet but that's often a sign that the scribe is shy 
> and doesn't 
> want a lot of attention from recipients.) 
> >Rebecca 
> > 
Actually, I sign the back, and work in a swan holding a sprig of heather in 
its beak somewhere in the illumination as my signature.  I'm curious to know 
if other scribes do some sort of personal symbol as well, and what it is.

Btw, I did some Italian Rennaissance Architectural style scrolls for prizes 
for an Inter-kingdom event many years ago.  I realize this is close to 
completely hopeless, but if anyone has a picture of them, I would gladly 
reimburse you for a copy.  I didn't get a picture of them before they had to 
be rushed to the event.....  As I recall, there is a Lady Bountiful with (I 
think) a cornucopia towards the top in a frieze of each scroll, and some arts 
and sciences are depicted in miniatures.....my signature swan with a sprig of 
heather in its beak should be in the bottom center on some steps.  They were 
my best work at the time, and I would dearly love to have a picture.

Many thanks!

Miriam bat Mordecai

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