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Poster: "Sussman, Jeff" <JSussman@sss.niaid.nih.gov>

Greetings and Season's Greetings from Richard Fitzgilbert!

Every fighter I know has displayed their scrolls in their home.  Take one   
typical stick jock, myself,  I've got my scrolls in my foyer and hallway.   
 You can't miss them coming in to the house.

But, I think this reveals a problem.  How could the artisans who produced   
these scrolls know that they reside in a (safe!) place of prominence and   
not in some dusty drawer or worse?  I think we should encourage scroll   
recipients to find and thank the scroll artisans personally.  And, later,   
tell them where their scroll has ended up.

I think I'll put tags in the scroll frames with the names of the   


p.s. This is a good example of the many contributions made without any   
sure feedback ("cookies") other than the satisfaction and fulfillment of   
having contributed.

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