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shoes was ( Well it finally happened to me...)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

> But now I've had my first
>>brush with the reality behind the words.
Actually I'm posting twice to this subject because I have one more
comment to share.  
That was rude behavior and it has happened in Atlantia as well, but
don't assume that this 
is reality and that all "period police" behave that way.  I'm the Clerk
of Signet of Atlantia 
and know that I affront many people wearing tennis shoes at events.
Even so, I've never 
been treated rudely and with my office I converse with a great deal of
what I could call 
"period police". I have a miserable time finding period shoes that are
comfortable and boots 
are always  uncomfortable to me.  (When my sister married, she made me
choose the brand of 
shoes knowing my troubles with the mundane kind, then told the other
bride's maids what to get.)
I know that in the past, people have gossipped about me wearing tennis
shoes but never was 
anyone rude to me about them.  I get an occasional ribbing from Efen but
he's very kind 
about it.  

The last time I had an entire morning to shop for shoes was the day my
roommates died and
I don't quite have the gumption to enter another shoe store just yet so
I probably won't be fixing
this problem any time soon.  I guess my point is that I don't want you
to assume that those people
>concerned about being as period as possible are rude.  Atlantia  has been
>very kind to me about 
>this subject when many could have made justifiable comments to me on a
regular basis.  I'd also
hope that anyone witnessing behavior you experienced would be willing
report said behavior.
Unfortunately I usually hear about complaints from witnesses and never
anyone doing anything to
resolve said issue.

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