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Fwd: FYI - known world exchequers list

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

Unto the Exchequers of Atlantia,
Greetings (yet again) from Lady Ursula.

Here is an item of interest, courtesy of Lady Angharad Melys:

  To: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>
  From: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>

this just came across the rialto - don't know if you've seen it yet or
not, but it looked right up your alley!

						in service,


Greetings to all,

   In the interest of better sharing information among those of us
enough to handle money on behalf of the society, I have set up a new
list: EXCHEQUERS@world.std.com.  If you are a kingdom, principality,
regional of
branch exchequer or deputy, I would strongly suggest you subscribe to 
mailing list by sending a letter to exchequers-requests@world.std.com 
following in the BODY of the message:

subscribe <your email address>
# A line saying which group you are exchequer for. (the # is important)

As an example, I would send a message containing:
subscribe turner@blackbear.com
# Stonemarche (NH) exchequer

This is a closed mailing list, Because sensative and sometimes private
information may be discussed on the list, membership is limited to 

Hope to be hearing from all you exchequers out there soon,
Yitzhak ibn Yoshua
Exchequer & Webminister, Barony of Stonemarche
Maintainer, SCA World-Wide Event & Branch Listings

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