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Fwd: medieval

Poster: Spedracr65@aol.com

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Subj:    medieval
Date:    97-01-13 14:08:47 EST
From:    Spedracr65
To:      Spedracr65

We are in the process of putting a catalog together featuring
medieval/renaissance period items, from clothing to furniture to
swords/weapons to tapestries to costumes to cloaks and everything in between.
 We are looking for crafters, manufacturers, people with a trade skill etc.
to add items to the catalog which we are hoping to have printed and be
mailing be the end of 1997.  We are also looking for unique items from all
historic periods, especially celtic.  If you are interested or know of anyone
who may be, please e-mail me at spedracr65@aol.com
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