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Re: Court is Good(tm) (Was: RE: I'm so proud.)

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swann@intercon.com>

> Greetings from Eldred! 
> Now that you've brought up the topic of Court, you now have to listen 
> to Eldred rant at the populace a bit....8^) 
> I notice that a lot of people avoid Court.  I know for a fact that 
> the number of people who attend Court is always lower than the number 
> who are at the event itself.  I am aware that there are several in 
> the kitchen preparing feast, but I also know that they represent a 
> very small portion of event attendees, and they certainly don't make 
> up the balance between event goers and Court attendees. 
> So the questions are:  why aren't people attending Court, and where 
> are they going instead?  Some  are in the kitchen-- they get 
> excused.  Some people day-trip and leave because they either need to 
> get to work (3rd shift) or it's a long way home-- they're excused 
> under mitigating circumstances 8^).  What about all these other 
> people that seem to disappear when Court is about to start, yet plan 
> to stay through feast/bardic circle/etc.? 
> Excuses I have heard: 
> 4.  I don't like crowds. 
> 3.  Court is boring. 
> 2.  I need to get ready for feast. 
> 1.  I'm not going to win anything, why should I go? 
> My responses: 
> 4.  Neither do I.  Just sit near the edge or the back, or even off to 
>      the side where you can still see or hear. 

At this Twelfth Night, there was NO ROOM in the room that held Court to be 
able to get a spot to see or hear anything.  I was standing outside the door 
and still couldn't hear.  I gave up on the second Court because no one said it 
was actually going to be in a room that had enough space for people.

> 3.  If it is boring, let us know what we can do to make it more 
>      exciting.  I'm open to suggestions (except car chases and 
>      big explosions). 

Not so many long gaps between items- keep it moving.  I don't know how Courts 
have been for this Reign, since I've been at events without Courts, and I 
couldn't even get near this one.

> 2.  So do most people at Court, you can wait to set up your gear 
>      like      the rest of us.  8^) 

I'm single, so this doesn't really bother me.  If I had kids, I might quibble 

> 1.  Because you never know whether you will or not.  Not being in 
>      Court can be construed as an insult to the Crowns/Coronets and 
>      to those receiving awards. 
Some folks don't play SCA to be able to go to Courts...some just like the 
ambiance- certainly we should all be free not to attend when we wish...
> I'll stop ranting now..... 

My points boil down to:

If you can't see it, hear it, and don't know anyone in it, and it moves 
slowly, then Court has little to recommend it.  I'm told Logan and Arielle do 
really fun Courts, so I mean no disrespect here.  Certainly this Twelfth 
Night, the hall just wasn't up to it- no space for anything and way too hot.  
I left early because the heat was just too much and I got tired of being mowed 
down in the hallway...
> Be nice.... 
> In service, 
> Eldred 
> Gordian Knot Pursuivant 


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