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Combat Archery Workshop

Poster: ACO <aco@janrix.com>

Greeting to all,

On Jan. 26 there will be a Combat Archery Workshop at Steafan O'Reilly's 
house in Angier, NC. If you are interested in coming to our workshop 
please contact me at Aco@Janrix.com and I will send you directions on how 
to get there.

We will cover the following subjects that day.

1) Construction of Combat arrows- Modified conedheads(My favorite), 
Thistle Missles, and other various arrows.
2) Minimum Combat Archer Armor Standards and equipment.
3) Construction of our favorite Armor.
4) Tactics and Strategy.
5) Personnel support.
6) Rules and Regulations.
7) Armor up and play.

If anyone is interested in coming please contact me first so I will have 
a good idea as to how many will be there. This will take the better part 
of a day to cover it all. This is just the first of several workshops 
that the WHBAC will be holding this year.

To all the Archers out there
Good Shooting

Steafan O'Reilly
House of the Flaming Bolt
Baronial Archer Marshal Windmasters Hill
Windmasters Hill Baronial Archer Corp
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