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FWD:Medieval Furniture Book

Poster: GaryH2018@aol.com

Forwarded from the OLDTOOLS list:

>     Gentle galoots and good gentles,
>     I have just bought one of the first available copies of a new book, 
>     Constructing Medieval Furniture, plans and instructions with 
>     historical notes, by Daniel Diehl, isbn 0-8117-2795-5, from Stackpole 
>     Books, US$19.95.  
>     The author is SCA originally in Rhydderich Hael in AEthelmearc, 
>     currently in Drachenwald (UK).  It is done in the style of Carlyle 
>     Lynch, drawings and howto descriptions.
>     Chapters include basic woodworking, metalworking (with welding torch 
>     if you don't have a forge), and finishes.  Pieces include a table, 
>     stool, several (very large) chests, cupboards, a gothic cradle, 
>     monastic canopy bed, a curule (folding x shaped) chair, and the 
>     Glastonbury chair.  The Glastonbury is based on a several century old 
>     copy of the original.  It is particularly interesting because if you 
>     pull several dowels it comes apart into flat easily packed pieces (in 
>     the SCA we go camping and bring everything with us, space _is_ an 
>     issue).  I predict a number of samples at the next Pennsic War (10k 
>     people) in August.  The current official reproducer of this chair was 
>     featured in a ww magazine several years ago, but unfortunately without 
>     enough information to make the chair.  The book has measured drawings 
>     with the carving designs.
>     I'm not sure I believe that the originals were all worked green 
>     (Gerhun, do you have any docs along with the sawmill pictures?) but 
>     other than that it is an excellent book for the era.  They carefully 
>     point out that you don't need huge norm tools since they didn't exist 
>     when the originals were made.
>     These were the first off the press, shipped to a friend of the author 
>     to sell at AEthelmearc 12th Night.  If your bookstore insists it isn't 
>     out yet and you are in a hurry, email me.  My barony borders the Hael 
>     and I can get a phone number or email if available if necessary.
>     Esther eoh@kodak.com
>     SCA Otelia from Thescorre, AEthelmearc, East
The book is listed in the on-line Books in Print and can be special ordered
through most bookstores.

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