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Gulf Wars VI

Poster: angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Angela Pincha-Neel - ASCC)

Hi All!

I was just getting this straight for my household, and thought everyone would
like this information handy, especially since the prices changed today.

The url is at:http://www.people.memphis.edu/~rpowell/gulfwars.html

Hope to see ya there!

In Service to Crown and Kingdom,


Gulf Wars VI Prices

(All prices are based on the Postmark date)

Cabins (can not be reserved until Jan. 1, 1997)

$31.00 (without bathrooms) $36.00 (with bathrooms)

There are 120 beds and they will be assigned on a first come, first serve

Tenting (Reservations are now being accepted)

   Thru Jan. 20, 1997:
     Arriving on Wednesday: $23.00
     Arriving on Thursday: $20.00
     Arriving on Friday: $17.00

   Jan. 21 - Feb. 15:

      Arriving on Wednesday: $26.00
      Arriving on Thursday: $23.00
      Arriving on Friday: $20.00

   Thereafter and at the door:

      Arriving on Wednesday: $29.00
      Arriving on Thursday: $26.00
      Arriving on Friday: $23.00


      Arriving on Wednesday: $20.00
      Arriving on Thursday: $17.00
      Arriving on Friday: $14.00

REGISTRATION FORM: Please go to the registration form page, print it out and
send the completed form in with your registration. If you should have any
questions, please contact the reservation-crat.

Reservations will NOT be held without money. We only hold paid reservations.
There is a $30.00 fee for all insufficient fund checks. Cancellations must be
in writing. Transferring reservations must be in writing and must be signed by
the person who is giving up the reseration(s).

Children 6 - 12 are half price and children under 6 are free unless they occupy
a bed. No family shall pay more thqn the equivalent of 3 adult prices for
tenting. All beds must be paid for. Requests for refunds must be RECEIVED by
the autocrat by March 7, 1997.

SCA members may deduct $5.00 with proof of membership - IDs will be checked at
the door. If you do not wish a copy of the pre-Gulf Wars VI book you may deduct
$1.00 from above prices also. All beds must be paid for.

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc., Shire of Ardanroe
c/o THLady Kathleen Simonetta Riario
mka Cathy Craft
9502Poinsetta Drive
Shreveport, LA 71118

No credit cards will be accepted!

When sending pre-reservations include your: mundane name, SCA name, home
address and kingdom. You will need to either send proof of membership with your
reservation or show at the door.
   Minors forms and waivers must accompany minor and must show age of minor at
the time of event. Meridies has specific minors requirements. See your
or contact the outocrat for Meridian minors requirements.

   Groups of 20 or more wishing to camp together may pre-reserve space. To do
so you must: be pre-reserved and submit your land request to the
reservation-crat by Feb. 15.

There are six RV parking spaces on site. The fee is $5.00 for hook-ups
(electricity & water, but no sewage). There is additional space available
off-site at JR Ranch for $12.00 per night. Contact Mr. Stanford @ (601)
796-3120 for more info. RV and pop-ups will be allowed in the tenting area ONLY
if you send, in writing, that you will completely cover or other-wise disguise
it. It must be completely self-contained as there will be no hook-ups for these
vehicles. If you wish to arrive at Gulf Wars VI prior to March 12, camping
(tenting or RV) is available at JR Ranch through Mr. Stanford.


Please print off the form below, complete it, and send it in with your

                              GULF WARS VI

                            REGISTRATION FORM
                (Please print - Do NOT use calligraphy)

                         SCA NAME
                         20TH CENTURY



MEMBERSHIP #__________________ EXPIRATION__________ PHONE# (___)_______

KINGDOM OF ALLEGIANCE_________________________________________________

GROUP CAMPING WITH_____________________________________________________









IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CONTACT: (Please print, do not use calligraphy)

      ON SITE:
      SCA NAME___________________ 20TH CENTURY NAME____________________
      GROUP CAMPING WITH________________________________________________

      OFF SITE:
      20TH CENTURY NAME___________________PHONE# (___)__________________


Fighting ( ) Fighting Marshall ( ) Chirurgeons ( ) Merchants ( )

Archery ( ) Archery Marshall ( ) Water Bearing ( ) Security ( )

Real Weapons ( ) Fencing Marshall ( ) Heralds ( ) Troll ( )

Fencing ( ) Instructors ( ) Arts & Sciences ( )

Others _____________________________________________________________________

This page was created and is maintained by Dame Fiona Mairi MacQuarrie, aka
Becky Powell, 374 E. Erwin, Memphis, TN 38117. If you would like to add any
information to these pages, or make any comments, please e-mail me at

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