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Beowulf CD

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

As promised, here's the information that was sent to me by Thornton's of
Oxford about the Beowulf saga on CD. This is reputed to become a seminal
work on the subject. Be warned, it ain't cheap.

Beowulf on CD-ROM. a complete facsimile of the only surviving copy of
the original manuscript, with related manuscripts and printed texts. It
comprises two CD-ROM disks, plus a paperback copy of a new reprint of
K.Kiernan: Beowulf and the Beowulf Manuscript .
As well as the manuscript, this electronic Beowulf includes:
 fibre-optic readings of hidden letters and ultraviolet readings of
erased text in the early 11th century manuscript.
 full facsimiles of the indispensable 18th century transcripts
revealing text which has since crumbled away.
 important collations made by J.J. Conybeare (c. 1817) and Sir F.
Madden (c. 1824) made against the first edition and Latin translation by
G.J. Thorkelin (1815)
 literal translation in modern English
 line by line glossary
Available for Macintosh or PC 486 or better. runs under Netscape
(supplied with the software)
Pre-Publication price 99.50 / afterwards 115.00
 to appear June 1997

In service,

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