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pinching and event dates

Poster: seareach@juno.com

Out of the cobwebby House Wild Roese corner of the travern Alesia pipes
up and says:
	 "Where is all this pinching going on??? I haven't had a good
pinch in years.  Come to think of it nobody's pinched my sisters lately
either (and I KNOW three of the four of us are available pinchies).  And
we got event dates and everything.....anybody eant to know when Sheep
Raids is????? I have also heard good stuff  about a huge fighter practice
in Roanoke Rapids on March 2nd, and a rumored pheasant's revolt in July
coming out of Raven's Cove.  NOW you got your dates where is my
pinch???!!!!!!!" <grin, evil grin, most evil grin>


Lady Alesia Gillefalyn
Seneschal  for the Shire of Seareach/Atlantia
House Wild Roese
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