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Report from Frozen Northern/Western Atlantia

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Scripsit Rhiannon, in re weather in Hawkwood:
> It's COLD and it's FROZEN and it's SLICK!!!
> We've had alternating ice and heavy snow all day long.  The roads range from
> slushy to "don't touch the brakes" to "close your eyes and pray".
> Who knows what tomorrow may bring?  :-)

Well, it's been snowing since 9-ish along the Stierbach/Ponte Altoid
border. 2 inches now, expected 2-4 but could be more, then coat that with
sleet around daybreak and you have a recipe for [expletive deleted].

Though all in all, it appears that we sort of lucked out in general.
Then again, after *last* year, anything under a foot looks pretty good
by comparison. nevertheless folks, if you're going anywhere tomorrow,
please *drive safely* and stay away from anyone who might not be.

Supposedly this all gets rained out tomorrow night. (YR,IBIWISI.)

Evan, getting out the boots and shovel

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