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Re: Fwd: Windmaster's Hill down?

Poster: "eogan" <eogan@ipass.net>

Greetings all Merries and Cheapies,

> Poster: Stephen Mumford <redline@catharsis.com>
> Plus, I was curious about WHBAC.  Our group has apparently spontaneously
> generated a number of people interested in combat archery, and I thought
> might be able to supplement our archery marshall's stockpile of info by
> seeing if WHBAC had anything online he might be interested in (I'm also
> canton's electronic packrat for those who can't or prefer not to scour
> 'net for relevant info).

Well, the WHBAC (pronouced "wayback") is still working hard.  We gave a
class not too long ago and as we were talking afterwards we decided that
the outlines we had used in the classes, if fleshed out, would be perfect
for a web page.

So here are our plans, we have collected the notes from classes,
information we have collected, experiences from the battles and the bunts,
links to other pages all over the SCA and the world, a set of recommended
set of policies and procedures, stratigies and tactics, a growing
bibliography, and a glossary.  It is our intention to put all of this on a
web page that I have resently acquired.  I am putting this together as fast
as I can and I will advertize the URL as soon as the Baroness has blessed
it.  I don't want to put anything out there with Windmaster's Hill's name
on it without getting the Baroness' blessing.  

I promice I will hurry.
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