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Cool Idea Exchange

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

OK.  It's been established that we're too busy to write, but still a mite 

Here's a topic for you:

Why don't we all wrack our brains and dig up all the really cool ideas 
we've been dying to try.  And all the neat things we've seen and done 
that have made for the best memories.  (Attributing your source as best 
as you can.)

Ursula's cool untried idea #1 (we *will* do it this Spring!):

Gather about 6-10 SCAdians.  Take a *good* group photograph of them in 
garb (good, detailed garb, with hats, etc.) in a wooded setting or with 
good stonework/architecture, etc. in the background, holding various 
props appropriate to their persona.  

Everyone in the photo should be looking off camera to the right, as if 
looking at a group of friends off-camera, with hands raised in greeting 
and welcoming smiles, and perhaps raising a mug or two in a toast.

Now get the same group in their modern clothing.  Take a *good* group 
photo of them in an urban setting.  They should be grouped in the same 
positions in relation to the others in the group as they were in the 
previous photo, but they should be shown in a modern setting, this time.  
Have them peering off-camera to their left with expressions of curiosity 
and wonder on their faces.

Note:  For better detail, the photos should frame the subjects from the 
waist up.  Also, take *lots* of pictures, so that you'll have more to 
choose from.

Obtain a large double photo frame - the kind that hinges and stands by 
itself on a desk. Position the photos in the frames so that the subjects 
are facing each other.  The Garb photo could be labeled something like 
(In the case of my local group) "Kappellenberg - A.S. XXXI" and the 
modern photo could be labeled something like "Chapel Hill, NC - A.D. 

The photos will make a wonderful display item for your demo.  It would 
illustrate perfectly how a bunch
of normal-looking types can be transformed, and likewise how this bunch 
of weirdos on funny clothes are really just a bunch of normal folks after 

So there.

There's more where that came from, but that's my bit for today.  

Spring is coming.  There are demos and events coming up.  Let's have some 
more ideas!

(who is chained to her desk and liking it not at all)

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