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Talking Email :)

Poster: Ash <phantom@atomic.net>

Greetings fare ladies and lords :)

I know this is a bit off subject but I thought it was worth mentioning. :)

If you go to www.vocaltech.com you can download shareware copies of either
internet phone (which uses the internet to talk through and you can see the
people of you have quick cams or tv cards! or just talk in a walky talky
fashion) or their email recorder where you can send voice messages to people
along with text in the same letter. :) The person receiving the letter does
not have to have the original program to listen to it just a small one
provided free of charge to all off their webpage (its only 120k or so) and
you can listen to them speak to you :). I dont know if this is of any value
to anyone but I atleast thought  it was a nifty idea. Take care and peace,
love and happiness to All :D :)

As always

Ashley D. Britt -- Ellayen Dragoon 

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/3988/index.html MY home page
Check it out? =)

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