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RE: Kells and Knotwork

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>George Bain's book was probably the first book on how to draw interlace
>patterns, key patterns and spiral patterns. It is a good book in its own
>right, however it falls severely short in detailed explanation. 

Actually I think it was the first commonly found and definitely popular
in print.

>However, for a
>truly comprehensive work on the subject of Celtic interlace, key, spiral,
>zoomorph (those nifty, knotted animals and beard pullers), as well as
>illumination and calligraphy in the Irish Half Uncial style, I point you to
>the works of Aidan Meehan.

Agreed.  I also like to suggest to new knotwork folks to get two of the
Anachronists.  They aren't what I'd consider "documentation" but they
have a good
description of the process and the dots method of Celtic knotwork. 

Encheridon: Education of a Scribe Volume II is the one that I'm thinking
of the
most but I believe Volume I had some knotwork discussions as well but I
tend to
rely on Volume II.  Again, I don't use these for documentation but I
like the discussion
on the dots method.


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