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Here is a TXT Emeral that is viewable

Poster: Ash <phantom@atomic.net>

Here is the document in MSDOS Text :) I converted it from Word Perfect in
the hopes that more gentles would be able to view it that way. 


As always

Ashley :) -- Ellayen Dragoon :)

Emerald Joust - A.S. XXXII

The Barony of Caer Mear and The House of The Red are proud to welcome all=
 good gentles to competition both marshal and fair.  Come to the rolling=
 hills of Maidens , Virginia for chivalry, song , dance, and an all around=
 good time! Join us for 4 days of fun and festivities!

The fun begins! The site opens at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon.

For those of  a competitive nature, there will be many different challenges=
 to whet the appetite, For Arts and Sciences minded people, a Curriculum=
 Vitae will be held in the feast hall. For heavies, there will be a one hour=
 grand melee, follow by the Emerald chivalry tourney.   There will also be a=
 Rapier tournament, as well as a test of skills for the archers of the=
 kingdom. All this will be followed by a fine, gourmet style feast.

Kingdom Day!  For A&S, there will be a scroll display , As well as a relic=
 competition. For the relic competition, the Kingdom of Atlantia challenges=
 all Households, Shires, Cantons, Baronies, and College's to produce a piece=
 of their past for the viewing of all. These relics can be anything, from a=
 suit of armor to a rock hard loaf of bread,  as long as there is a colorful=
 tale or display to relate the relics importance in the groups history=ACbut=
 please, people do not qualify as relics. For martial activities, there will=
 be an Emperor's choice tourney ( more rules and information to come). For=
 Rapier, the Queen's choice tournament. A camboc tournament ( yes, with=
 teams and such)  will be held for the enjoyment of those in a team sports=
 frame of mind, as well as a bardic competition for those who wish to=
 express themselves in song or story. There will also be an auction of a=
 wonderful tapestry in the main feast hall. A great feast will end the=
 events of the day. =20

The following Site Rules will be in effect at Emerald Joust: All attendees=
 must have fun. Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated; bring ID. Driving=
 on grass will not be allowed for any reason_bring a hand cart to transport=
 your things. Dogs must be on a leash_and the leash in a human hand_or=
 confined to a covered crate at all times. Swimmers must wear at least a=
 bathing suit. Children will not be allowed to ride in the back of open=
 pick-up trucks. The speed limit in the camp is 15 miles an hour.

FROM RICHMOND, take I-64 west to exit #167 Oilville. At the top of the ramp=
 turn LEFT toward Goochland. Go approx. 1/4 mile and at the stop sign **=
 turn RIGHT on 250. Go approx. 1/2 miles and turn LEFT on Fairgrounds Rd.=
 (There will be a sign for Robert E. Lee Scout Reservation.) Go approx. 3=
 1/2 miles and turn LEFT on Maidens Rd. Go 1 more mile and turn LEFT into=
 the camp. Follow the driveway to the RIGHT. There will be signs posted.

FROM THE WEST, take I-64 east. Take the Oilville exit and turn RIGHT at the=
 top of the ramp. Go to the stop sign and follow directions from ** above.=
 There will be signs posted.

FROM THE NORTH OR SOUTH, take your best route to I-64 west of Richmond, VA.=
 Take the Oilville exit and follow the directions above. There will be signs=

The Autocrat is Lord Ragnar Blackhammer c/o Chuck Kane; 4922 Suburban Ave.=
 #2, Richmond, VA; 23230; (804)254-4643 (NLT 11:30 p.m.) e-mail:=
Head Merchant is Lord Ian Andrew de Scroggs c/o James Howell; 996 Dorset Rd;=
 Powatan, VA 23139; (804) 598-2168 (NTL 10:00 p.m.).=20
For Feast and Site Reservations contact Lord Balynar Buckhannh c/o Travis=
 Brandel; 1627 Charles St., Richmond , VA 23226 (804)288-2256 ( NLT 10:00=
 p.m.), Balynar@Juno.com

------------------------------------------------------Reservation form for=
 Emerald Joust - AS XXXII                    Return to Lord Balynar=

                     Site Fees	Feast Fees
(arriving Fri.)
(arriving Sat.)
(arriving Sun.)
Day-Trip Fee
(per day)
Saturday Feast
Sunday Feast

The Feast on Saturday will be a two tiered feast, patterned after the=
 methods of the period. Those in the upper tier will receive many of the=
 same benefits as high table, and the cost is only $3.00 more per person.=
 Upper tier space is limited, so please reserve early.

Children under 12 are half price. Children under 2 are free. There will be=
 no off-board space in the feast hall as space is limited_get your=
 reservations in early!

SCA Name: =09
Legal Name: =09
Address: 	 ZIP code: 	 - =09
Phone Number: (         )	 Age:      0 over 12      0 under 12=20

I am camping and arriving on:     0 Friday      0 Saturday      0 Sunday
I am reserving for the feast on:     0 Saturday      0 Sunday
I am not camping. I will day-trip on the following days:      0 Saturday    =
  0 Sunday

** PLEASE, for my peace of mind, fill out one of these forms for EACH person=
 over the age of two in your party.**

You may send one check or money order, payable to Barony of Caer Mear: SCA,=
 Inc, with each group of forms.

**These prices are for preregistration before May 1, 1997. For payment after=
 May 1, 1997 or at the site, an additional fee of $1 will be added to the=
 TOTAL camping cost and the TOTAL feast cost ( Example=ACFriday through=
 Monday and both feasts BEFORE May 1st =3D $18.00,  or Friday through Monday=
 AFTER May 1st =3D $20.00)**



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