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Re: New Kingdoms?

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Anyway, I'm requesting information on principalities and their timeline 
  to official kingdoms.  I have heard that Artemesia, a principality of 
  Atenveldt, will be the 14th kingdom soon.  I've also heard that 
  Aethelmarc (sp?) of the East has been approved by the BOD for Kingdom 
  status and is moving quickly to that end.

AEthelmearc.  Their first Coronation is this fall, in September.  Artemsia
is a bit sooner, around June.
  Does anyone know exactly when these things are to be finalized?  As well, 
  what will happen to the nature of Pennsic should Aethelmarc become a 
  kingdom?  If I'm not mistaken, the debatable lands will no longer be 
  debatable.  Ideas anyone?

The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands (BMDL) were never really debatable.

There will be no real change to Pennsic, except that AEthelmearc will get a
portion of the proceeds: a very small portion.  There is an agreement
between the two principals and AEthelmearc.  It is on the web at:

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