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Re: Camboc

Poster: gregsackett@radix.net (Greg Sackett)

>General rules of Cambok:
>1) You can't throw the ball with your hands.
>2) Get the ball in the goal anyway you can.
>3) Don't hit unconcious players.
>4) Have fun.
>uh... that's it.
>Proper dress for cambok seems to be short houpalandes, a hat, and boots.
>A wet rainy day (and a slick field) are a plus.
>A good cambok stick looks a lot like a modern field hockey stick.  Mine
>was made from an oak plow handle.
>Michael Limner, esq

This sounds remarkably like the sport of Hurling, which is still played
in Ireland, and I used to play in Ansteorra... Is this the same game with
a different (regional) name?

Let me know because I still have my hurly's lying around somewhere,
and it is a great game (although a little hard on the shins).


Gregor M'Gregor
Greg Sackett
Health Physicist
Enercon Services, Inc.
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Texas A&M University, Class of '93, '95

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