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Constructing Medieval Furniture Source

Poster: teufel <teufel@erols.com>

        I want to let everyone know that I have found a source for the
Constructing Medieval Furniture Book, here in Maryland.  The Waldensbooks in
Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD has about half a dozen copies.  The
Assistant Manager there is Veghot the Long (MKA Victor Grobe) who is a
SCAdian Member of several years, and when he heard that the book was
available, went out of his way to get a good stock on it.
        The store # is 301-921-9248.
        Victor is a long-time friend of mine, and made sure I got a copy as
soon as they came in.   GREAT book.  I'm actually looking at it as I write
this, and my hands are just ITCHING to start on a project or two.  I think
it would be safe to say that my camp will be even MORE comfortable this year.

                        Everyone Enjoy,

                                Frederich Von Teufel

                                        (MKA Neil Brady)

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