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INFORMATION: from the Pennsic 26 A&S Coordinator

Poster: "Dunbar, Matthew" <MDunbar@XLConnect.com>

[Unto the populous of the Kingdom of Atlantia come greetings from the
staff of Pennsic XXVI!

This is posted as a courtesy to Lady Arianna.  Please direct any
inquiries to the addresses included below.]

Greetings Unto all who read this Missive
	from Lady Arianna Llwyd, 
	Coordinator of the Arts and Sciences, Pennsic 26

As Coordinator of the Arts and Sciences activities at Pennsic 26, 
I'll try to make your experience of the Arts at Pennsic this year as
interesting, and "user friendly" as I can. Happily, I've found talented
to assist me! Please feel free to contact them regarding issues related
their areas. Lady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn has graciously accepted the 
position as my deputy. She or I will be pleased to offer what
information we 
may in the coming months as Pennsic 26 approaches. Dame Alys Katharine
be scheduling the use of all facilities under the A&S purview, excepting
barn and European dance activities, which will be handled by Lord Midair
MacCormaic. Lady Esmeralda will be handling the scheduling of the Middle
Eastern tent and classes. Priority in scheduling all spaces will be
given to 
Royal Courts and traditional Pennsic activities. Activities related to
A&S Display and Competition are to be handled by Mistress Alexis

This year I am considering adding the performance arts the A&S 
Competition and Display. As in the past, submissions (performances) may
for competition, or for comment (display) only. In order to provide this
activity I'll need someone with a background in SCA performance to head
the project. I would like to find a person involved in performance so
that he 
or she might better understand the needs of the performers and create a 
format that most correctly suits their needs. Heading this project will 
involve scheduling the performance times with both Mistress Alexis and
Midair, as well as finding and scheduling judges for the various types
performances (plays, bardic recitation, debate, dance, vocal and musical
performance). If you are interested in taking on this project please let

There is likely to also be a display of Middle Eastern dance, if you 
are interested in participating in that activity, please contact Lady

As ever, we are in need of volunteers to assist us in the running of 
the various Arts and Sciences "departments." Feel free to approach any
of us. 
No matter your experience level, we can find a way for you to be a part

You will find this, and additional information on the Pennsic Webpage.
We will be adding to the webpage information as Pennsic approaches. I've
been informed that the webpage should be up and operational fairly soon.
Also please note that this information will be in your Pre-Pennsic
which should be out to you in the next month.
	I remain,
	Lady Arianna Llwyd
		Marilee Lloyd
		2706 Packard, Apt. f
		Ann Arbor, MI, 48108
		ph: 313.973.2131
		email: mllwyd@umich.edu  
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header

	Lady Fiadnata o Glean Alainn
		Carol Reed
		6830 Summerfield Rd.
		Temperance, MI 48182-1343
		ph: 313.847.0413
		email: pcr@ic.net   
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header.

A&S Classes and Activities-

A & S classes will be organized as they have been in past years.  If 
you are interested in teaching a class send me your modern and SCA
address and telephone number as well as a brief description of the
class.  If 
you have an SCA title that you wish used please let me know. Classes
begin on Wednesday, August 6 and run through Saturday, August 16.  Let
know the day(s) you prefer to teach; if you prefer morning or afternoon;
conflicts with battles, etc., you wish to avoid; if you have a fee or
on size; if you need access to water, a firepit, or electricity; if you
like to teach your session more than once; if you need to teach in your
or anything else I should know before scheduling your class.  I will
e-mail submissions as well as regular mail.  While telephone inquiries
fine, all submissions must be in writing or e-mail.  The deadline is May
You should receive a confirmation back that I received your request with
final confirmation of date and place of the scheduled class to be sent
early July.  You will be expected to check in at the A&S table in the 
Information Tent as soon as you arrive at Pennsic.  If you do not check
your class may be canceled!

Classes and activities to be held in the Barn will be scheduled through
Midair.  Contact me to schedule any activities or classes in any other 
facility - A&S tents, Pond Stage, Bathhouse, etc.  Priority will go to
who make the earliest arrangements, with consideration to kingdom and 
SCA-wide groups.  If you have any unofficial activities related to A&S
let me know the date and place before May 1 so that it may be added to
general list of activities.  For last minute additions and use of A&S
space, see me or one of my deputies at the A&S table at Pennsic.  The
schedule will be available there from August 4 on while the table is
I invite A&S officers of the Known World to assist in staffing the

A smile is the only experience necessary!

	In service,
	Dame Alys Katharine
		Elise Fleming
		3950 Walter Rd.
		North Olmsted, OH 44070-2111
		ph: 216.779.6384
		email: alysk@ix.netcom.com 
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header. 

	Lady Esmeralda (Middle Eastern classes)
		Adriann White
		113 Rosedale Street
		Johnstown, PA 15906
		ph: 814.539.0924
		email: Mtcatmw@aol.com 
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header.

Dance at Pennsic

Dance classes will be run in the Barn and the Middle Eastern tent almost
every day of the week. General dancing, with instruction during the
first few 
hours, will take place Sunday through Thursday nights.
Night dancing at the barn usually lasts until the wee hours of the

The Masked Ball will be on Friday or Saturday night (pending Court 
scheduling) and, because last year's was so successful, it will be a 
combination of a play and dancing.  Other balls may be scheduled during
week and will be advertised.

Anyone interested in teaching dance classes, running dancing,
during the evening, helping out at the Ball, or playing musical
in the Pennsic Dance Band should contact Lord Midair MacCormaic (address
below).  Include your modern and SCA names, address, email if any, phone
number, and when you plan to arrive at Pennsic. Please mention what area
would like to help with, and if you wish to teach a class, please give
outline of what will be taught.

Reserving the Barn

The Barn at Pennsic is the site of many activities, from dance classes
Kingdom Courts. In order to properly schedule all the possible
activities, I 
need to know ahead of time who need the Barn and for what. Every
effort will be made to have your activity in the barn - and at worst I
attempt to find some other space for it.  Scheduling preference will go
Kingdom Courts.  Please contact Lord Midair MacCormaic (address below).
Include your modern and SCA names, address, email if any, phone number,
when you plan to arrive at Pennsic.

Fool's Parade

The exact day of the Fools Parade is not yet scheduled, but it should
at around 4 PM.  Any fools, jesters, jugglers, spirits, sprites,
and local group officers (joke!) are encouraged to meet in front of the
House.  From there we will travel around Pennsic, through the merchant
and anywhere else we are welcome, bringing joy and merriment to all.  If
can, bring noise makers to sound and candy to give.  Contact Lord Midair
MacCormaic (address below) for more details or if you have any

Chirugeon's Drag Race

Each year the Chirugeon Guild runs a drag race to benefit their fund.
order for this to occur, it needs to be scheduled so that 1) people will
up, and 2) the field can be reserved at a good time.  Any Chirugeons out
there who wish to run this activity should contact Lord Midair
MacCormaic as 
soon as possible so he can help set it up.  
	In service,
	Lord Midair MacCormaic
		Charles Cohen
		3353 Landings Dr.
		Ann Arbor, MI 48103
		ph: 313.913.0245
		email: charles@umich.edu
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header.

	Lady Avril Boulle
		Vivian Moroknek
		11 grove Place
		Northport, NY 11768
		ph: 516.757.2530 (before 10pmEST)
		fax: 516 757.3080
		email: whymzee@aol.com   
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header.

Known World open A&S competition

All entries must be original items.  No photos or photocopies.  Entries
be created by a single artist or a group of artists.  Each single item
must be
entered in only one category.  No single item will be allowed to enter
multiple categories  (i.e. artists can't enter calligraphy and
illumination with the
same scroll, or a dress in both costuming and embroidery).  You may
enter as
many categories as you like, but only two entries per category are
to each single artist of group.   (NOTE:  Single artists may enter two
in one category and have two group entries in the same category.)  

The power of judging will be given to the artists.  The competition will
supply judges.  Single artists are required to judge all entries
their own) in a category they have entered.  If there is only one entry
in a
category, that artists will judge and score it.  Group entries are
to have one artist judge and score it.  Failure to judge your category
jave upir emtru dosqia;ofoed.  Artists with both single and group
entries in
one category will judge the single entry only.  They are not allowed to
for the group also.

If artists are not present during judging time, they must find a judge
represent them.. The representing judge cannot be someone already
(for themselves or someone else)  in the category the artist is entered
Failure to have a judge will have your entry disqualified.  Artists who
proxy entries must have a judge for them or the entry will be

Documentation should consist of a 3 x 5 display card only, typed or
printed with the following information:  What it is, it's use, time
country/area, and materials it is made of.  No other documentation is
required.  The exception to this rule is the Applied Research category,
requires a full documentation paper with the entry.

There will be 30 points maximum in the scoring.  Judges will judge all
in the category.  All judging scores on an artist's item will be totaled
averaged.  The average score will determine placement of the artist's

Placement is determined by the average of the totals of the judging
There will be multiple first/second/third/honorable mention places in
category.  Colored ribbons shall be awarded for placement.

Blue Ribbon  27-30 points
Red Ribbon  23-26 points
Green Ribbon 18-22 points
White Ribbon  honorable mention
Other Ribbons   -   Purple ribbons with the kingdom arms on it and the
"Oh, I like this one!" will be given to attending kings and queens to
on the entry they like.  These ribbons are based only on the personal
appreciation of an item.

Tuesday		6 a.m. - noon		registration
			   p.m. - 4 p.m.		open for public viewing
			4:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.	judging
Wednesday 		8 a.m. - 2 p.m.		open for public viewing
			2 p.m. - 3 p.m.		item pick-up

NOTE:  All items not picked up by 3 pm can be recovered at Lost and
located at Security Point.

	In service,
	Mistress Alexis MacAlister
		Beverly Roden
		8555 Towson Blvd. 
		Miamisburg, OH 45342
		email: ac508@dayton.wright.edu   
		Please include "Pennsic A&S" in subject header.

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