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Re: north and south...actually.....

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

>  Poster: John Gahrmann <jrgahrmann@geocities.com> 
> Alas! a subject that has been beaten like the proverbial dead horse 
> and has been the cause of hard feelings and discontent.(*WARNING* 
> my attitude can be offensive to some readers. Take it how you may.) 
Um, actually, in those bad old days, I recall  (not to be a rebutal to your 
post, milord, it was just the one I hadn't deleted yet...)  when we had no 
peers in Isenfir, and we held little games tourneys.  I mean little.  I mean 
we were delirious if 50 people showed up!  
Talk about travel- King Olaf drove all the way up to one, got there before me 
(the autocrat-and I was early!), insisted on helping in the kitchen, and 
insisted on feeding the shrimp we bought for him for High Table to the kitchen 
crew.  His words at the time were, I believe, " But I AM enjoying the shrimp!"

I actually travelled more then than now, but that has to do with money....were 
I more flush, I should travel all about the kingdom!  Truly, I think you do 
miss some nifty groups if you don't travel....

Frankly, it's usually tough to overcome that distance factor, though, if 
you've no one to travel with....


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