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torture and torment

Poster: carl christianson <einar@cvn.net>

>>Lughbec wrote:
>>> Anyway, he
>>> had this hysterical little filk taped to the typewriter, rhymed to "My
>>> Bonnie Has Gone Over the Ocean," entitled "My Typist Has Gone on Vacation."
>>This is like a set up for a really good joke........is there 
>>text for this ditty or should I just suffer along with my 
>>limited (for jokes) imagination :^)
>Sorry... Mom pitched the infernal thing, along with the filk, about 15 years
>ago, after she bought an IBM Selectric.  Essentially, you wind up with lines
>like "og, fling beck m& t^-js% tp mee!"  I was an undergrad at the time -
>trust me, I was glad to see the torture implement hit the garbage can!

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