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Re: Period Golf ?

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>

Posted and mailed to the Atlantian mailing list...

In article <332101aa.4323604@news.whc.net>,
Carl W. Lemke <clemke@whc.net> wrote:
>Has anyone done any research on period golf, or know of any good
>reference works.  Golf was certainly a 16th century activity. It has
>occurred to me that some of us might make period clubs and set up a
>course and play by period rules at an event.  Don't anyone tell my
>lady about this!!
>Carl W. Lemke

Torquil MacTaggart the Steadfast (Atlantia) has done some research into
period golf. He taught a class on it at University of Atlantia a couple
of years ago, and registered the first piece of armory with golf clubs 
on it. I don't know if he reads this newsgroup, or even if he is online.


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