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North and South

Poster: "ladypez" <ladypez@weblnk.net>

We could clear all this up like our forefathers did...just have a good old
fashion Civil War!!  
Of course to be fair, the event would have to be somewhere in the central
area of the Kingdom....

For someone who's been doing this stuff for over 10 years now,  this is
alittle silly.  Regardless of where anything is scheduled, people will go
to whatever events they want to and can afford, whether they are- North or
South.  Same for kingdom events.  My biggest problem is what's happening on
the few weekends I get
off.  It means little how far away something is located.  The drive is half
the fun!!  Talking trash with your friends, singing much too loud to Efen's
songs on the stereo.  Just throw you stuff in the car, make a quick quiet
prayer to the deity of choice that the car will make it, and crank up the

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