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Fw: University, the South, Statistics, and an Invitation

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

> > The last "Southern" University I remember was in Hidden Mountain
> > well over two years ago. 
> Was that the University where I taught Cambok? 
      	Wow...I assumed Eldred was referring to a Lyceum held about 2 1/2
years ago or so.  Eldred, if I spoke of a different event than the one you
meant, I apologise for my assumption! *smiles*
> Most of the events I go to the South I crash with people.  And I've
> my house to crashers from every Barony in this Kingdom at one time or
> another.  I'm especially happy to do that for people from Hidden
> Bordervale Keep, Nottinghill Coill, and Sacred Stone.  I've had one or
> more squires in all four of those groups at one time or another.
> Please, ANYONE reading these words from the South -- I invite you to
> at my place when you come up for an event in Maryland.  Let me show you
> projects, if you have a week :^)  Browse in our library, where we have
> books that you can't even get in some Universities!  I have thousands of
> photographs of medieval artifacts taken at museums both in the USA and
> England, organized by subject.  We have a small personal xerox machine
> you want to photocopy stuff to take some research home with you.  Don't
> afraid to ask for crashspace--the only real danger is that I will talk
> your ear off.  Although if you are allergic to cats, you will suffer. 
	*big grin*  What a kind invitation, Dafydd!  Perhaps I can take you up on
your offer sometime..I would dearly love to see this library I've heard so
much about!
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