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books & donations

Poster: Christoph Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com>

Hmm. . . .

What about holding a fundraiser and donating a bit of money along with the
books. . . .?

Perhaps if there is a SCA group local to the library in question, this could
be funnelled through them - assuming they are interested and not too
waterlogged themselves.

Which brings to mind another thought - long ago (last summer) some groups
from various parts of the Knowne Worlde offered help and resources to needy
SCAdians who'd lost major SCA resources to Fran and Bertha.  If there is a
group near the flooded region, perhaps now would be a time to pass along
some help.  (I know I have some tunics that I could stand to part with.
Maybe even some of the pretty fabric in the back of my closet.  Maybe.)

Anyone lurking who might know what's up SCA-wise in that area?  

Lady Katriona of NorthWoods
Seneschal for the Shire of Cathanar

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