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Re: vocabulary nitpicking

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Philippa wrote:
> Unfortunatly, this seems to no longer be true, and not everyone has been
> taught English grammar in school.  There has been a very interesting thread
> going on the Medieval History list this past week on just this point.  There
> are many third level instructors out there who find that the students they
> get from the high schools these days are clueless about the concepts.  (And
> these are bright students from supposedly good schools.)  They don't even
> know what the words "verb" or "noun" mean. 

Hence we see the intrusion of proponents of things like Eubonics (pronounced
Boob-onics because it makes you sound like one).

*sigh* Whatever happened to my old friends Dick and Jane and their little
dog Spot? They were such a happy family, always running and having fun.
And who recalls those nifty basic arithmetic flash cards?

> One professor said that he/she
> got rather shocked looks when he/she tried to explain to some students that
> good sentences need both a noun and a verb.  (Of course you then wonder
> about the sentences which prompted this suggestion.....8))  I am by no means
> suggesting that any one on this list has this problem, but if a large enough
> proportion of college students have this problem for it to such a heated
> topic on a professional list, obviously most secondary schools are not
> teaching grammar anymore, or at least not teaching it well.  A lot of quite
> intelligent students don't know about thesauruses simply because they were
> never told about them.  The current educational theory seems to be that they
> will pick it all up by osmosis.  And they wonder why so many of us are
> considering home schooling for our children.....

Then we wonder why the bulk of modern literature isn't very good these
days. Oh, and isn't thesauri the plural of thesaurus? I never took Latin
and I sometimes get that confused. But then I just remember what Steven
Wright asks; What's another word for thesaurus? (I actually looked this
up once but can't recall what the thesaurus said about itself ;-)


I remember the first time, many years ago, that I saw this on a bumper
sticker. I nearly had to pull over and stop the car because I was laughing
so hard. I also remember a contest in Omni magazine to determine what
kind of car had the license plate ML8 ML8. Anyone? ;-)

In service (and way off topic),

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