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Re: way off topic [BANTER]

Poster: michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com (Mike Dullaghan)

Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net> writes:

> Then we wonder why the bulk of modern literature isn't very good these
> days. Oh, and isn't thesauri the plural of thesaurus? I never took Latin
> and I sometimes get that confused.

I took Latin many years ago, but I think all those brain cells
died. Webster's II claims "thesauruses" & "thesauri" are both correct,
which inclines me to think that "thesauri" is the older form and
"thesauruses" is a modern construction that Follows The Rules (TM) for
the benefit of those that don't even realize that many polysylables
should follow Latin or Greek rules for pluralization.

> But then I just remember what Steven
> Wright asks; What's another word for thesaurus? (I actually looked this
> up once but can't recall what the thesaurus said about itself ;-)

Sorry. Roget's II declines to have an entry on itself. I'm afraid that
the reference books that live in my desk at work aren't very good, but
they were free and this way I leave my good ones at home.

> I also remember a contest in Omni magazine to determine what
> kind of car had the license plate ML8 ML8. Anyone? ;-)

A _contest_?! But its obviously a white Rabbit.
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