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Fiber demo at Scottish Faire

Poster: Jen McCann <MCCANNJ@carleton.edu>

   In Buckston we've done a similar type of thing at demos--I believe it was 
originally created by Sir Fern.  We start with one kid, ask their name, and 
let them put on something, usually a tunic, and say "This is the tunic that x 
wears".  Then we call up another kid and hand them some cloth and say "This is 
the sewer/tailor/seamstress who sewed the tunic that x wears".  Then it's an 
inkle loom and "this is the weaver who wove the fabric for the sewer who sewed 
the tunic that x wears".  By the end there's a whole line of kids, each holding 
something representing their part and the kids are usually chanting along.  
  I often use this as an explanation of why cloth was so expensive and then
talk about some of the funny fashions (big sleeves, oversized dresses, etc) as
status symbols, though that type of thing works better at school demos than at a
fair and has less to do with Scotland.  It's a fun example to do and kids seem 
to enjoy it.

Cairistiona Wynde 
(who comes home for break in 2 days!)
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