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Re: Spring Coronation A&S - Viking Shields

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <Neilltl@ptsc.slg.eds.com>

>Syr Timoch's videotape of a museum in Sweden(?) showed metal remnants of
>shields. The planked shields were held together by long metal strips
>perpendicularly to the planks direction, with the planks running vertically
>and the iron strips running horizontally, and fastened in at least 3 places.
> The iron strips varied in length.  I imagine this would make a very heavy
>shield, but more durable than one with the planks pegged or glued together.

If the shields Sir Timoch saw were from the Gokstad ship (in which case they
were in Norway), then the three strips of metal fastened to the back of the
shield are modern conservation material, intended to hold the fragile pieces of
shield together for display.  The originals, according to my source (which I
don't have a cite for here) only had one strip, perpendicular to the lay of the
planks, and crossing the center hole for the boss.  Used as a handle and to
hold the shield together.  I think the original strip was wood, but will
have to check the source again.

The Gokstad shields also have a circle of metal running near the rim which,
again, is modern conservation material.  The original rim covering material is
not in evidence.  There are holes around the rim, but no metal was found either
rimming the shields nor in the holes.  The guess is that the shield was rimmed
with rawhide or leather laced on through the holes.

If the shields Sir Timoch saw were *not* from the Gokstad ship, then I'd
like to know more about them!  The only shields I've been able to find any
documentation for are from Gokstad.  Other shield evidence would be welcome.

        - Anarra
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