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The beginning of time and places to go [was native american persona?]

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

> The ice is thin here, Sheridan... don't break it.  (:-)
> 	Tibor
<g> I knew when I made that post that I was probably going to have to
clarify. Although Corpora and the handbook give us Pre 17th century with
no start date, the documents clearly state a focus. "The Society is
based on the landed nobility of the European Middle Ages and

If individuals are interested in what the SCA actually says about our
period and culture, please take a look at the web pages. Go to
http://www.sca.org/laws,  in particular
http://www.sca.org/laws/scope.hbk.html or send $6.00 to the SCA Stock
Clerk, P.O. Box 360743, Milpitas CA 95036 and ask for the SCA
Organizational Handbook.

Is that better? ;-)

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