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Re: native american persona etc.

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

Eogan wrote:

> >   But the SCA is a re-creation group that focuses on European
> > culture from 600-1600AD (approx.),

Deirdre responded:

> I contacted the Corporate Minister of Arts and Sciences.
> Mistress Juelda said that Corpora does not state 600 as being our
> beginning date. It just says Pre 17th century. The rumor of 600-1600 is
> all over the SCA...

I don't think it inaccurate to say that the SCA collectively FOCUSES its
attentions on the 600-1600 time period (if "focus" can be reasonably
applied to such a large fraction of the history of Civilization-as-we-
know-it <tm>). That is a different concept from LIMITING our attentions to
that same time period.


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