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Re: Period after the Rmon Empire?

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> > The theory was that Rome no longer counted as an
> > effective empire when they couldn't protect their capital city...
> I don't recall whether Napolean and/or Hitler invaded the actual
> city of Moscow, 

Napoleon did. Not that it did him any good.

> but certainly the United States was able to go
> on (and even come to have a hand in international affairs) after
> Washington DC was invaded and the White House torched.  So I maybe
> protecting the capital isn't all that important.

Same set of wars as the invasion of Moscow above. What made D.C. different
from, say, London or Paris or Rome, was that it was not a major commercial
center -- even Baltimore was more strongly defended than Washington, to
say nothing of New York, at the time.

Dave (Evan hasn't a clue where any of those cities are, except maybe
Moscow which in 1302 is of no import.)

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