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Re: scope of the SCA

Poster: "Ed Hopkins" <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com>

> But I agree with you in essence: if I ever run into someone dressed
> in man's clothing that I can't tell is a woman by their shape, then
> I should treat them as a man...but that has yet to happen (as far as
> I know -- because if I *did* meet one who looked like a man, I would
> have been fooled, see?). All the women I've seen dressed as
> men who prefer male personas have had to TELL me that...because they
> didn't pass the 10-foot rule (or even the 50-foot rule). Sure, I
> haven't met everyone, and there are prolly some good ones out there,
> but if there are, they will fool me when I meet them, so it won't
> be an issue.

But why should they be obliged to fool the eye?
I've met a great many _temporal_ transvestites; I can
always tell that they're really twentieth-century people.
(In fact, since all the people I've ever met have seemed
to me to really be twentieth-century folk, I can categorically
say that the only temporal transvestites who have ever fooled
me have been time-travelers or very long-lived individuals.)
But I almost never call them on it.  Why should I not extend
the same courtesy to _gender_ transvestites?

-- Alfredo

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