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Celtic wear

Poster: Michael Matheron <MMATHERON@crs.loc.gov>

                                                                                  March 29, 1997 
    Dear Gentles And Not-So-Gentles,

    My 12 yr. old son is very interested in Celtic lore and history, particuarly
the Irish and Scottish branches of the "family tree" in the Medieval time period.
Naturally enough, he's especially interested in the arts that involve bashing
another person with a sword, or shooting arrows at them from a safe distance.
(By the way, my persona will be a hectoring father that is always trying to get
his son to quit hanging out with his army buddies and get a decent job, like
witchcraft or bleeder, for God's sake!)   He has yet to attend his first SCA
event, but we plan to begin doing so in the late Spring.   We live in the Silver
Spring, Maryland area.

    My questions: (1) Is there anyone in our area who is skilled (or even mildly
credible) in creating authentic costumes from my son's time-period and culture
of interest?  By the way, his model for Celtic-Wear is "Braveheart" . . .  "Not
that there's anything wrong with that," but he may need some education about
the different styles for the different time periods.  If no one in the D.C. area
please feel free to chime in anyway, we're willing to travel!  

    (2)  Is there a local SCA chapter that has an individual member, contingent,
or host of members that have an especial interest in the Celtic time period and
culture of his interests?  We'd be interested in linking up with them.   

     Thanks for your help!  Mike Matheron  
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