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Fwd: Fill in the blanks.

Poster: MHWag@aol.com

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Subj:    Fill in the blanks.
Date:    97-03-29 13:15:12 EST
From:    RIWagner
To:      Bigwaz,MHWag,WazBro
To:      Wazunit@perry.gulfnet.com,BettsH

Here is one Kyle sent me about a year and a half ago. It's a handy thing to
have around when you are twiddling your thumbs in the doctor's/dentist's
waiting room, or waiting for your flight to be called, or waiting for the
thunderstorm to ease so you can dash to your car, or when the preacher's
sermon (never mind).

Some of these are easy; some not so easy.

An example, although you probably won't need it:

     16 Ounces       in a Pound      .

 1.  26 L____________ of the A____________.

 2.  7 D____________ of the W____________.

 3.  1001 A____________ N____________.

 4.  12 S____________ of the Z____________.

 5.  54 C____________ in a D____________ (with J____________).

 6.  9 P____________ in the S____________ S____________.

 7.  88 P____________ K____________.

 8.  13 S____________ on the A____________ F____________.

 9.  32 D____________ F____________, at which W____________ F____________.

10.  18 H____________ on a G____________ C____________.

11.  90 D____________ in a R____________ A____________.

12.  200 D____________ for P____________ G____________ in M____________.

13.  8 S____________ on a S____________ S____________.

14.  3 B____________ M____________, S____________ H____________ T____________

15.  4 Q____________ in a G____________.

16.  24 H____________ in a D____________.

17.  1 W____________ on a U____________.

18.  5 D____________ in a Z____________ C____________.

19.  57 H____________ V____________.

20.  11 P____________ on a F____________ T____________.

21.  1000 W____________ that a P____________ is W____________.

22.  29 D____________ in F____________ in a L____________ Y____________.

23.  64 S____________ on a C____________ B____________.

24.  40 D____________ and N____________ of the G____________ F____________.

25.  76 T____________ in the B____________ P____________.

26.  50 W____________ to L____________ Y____________ L____________.

27.  99 B____________ of B____________ on the W____________.

28.  60 S____________ in a M____________.

29.  1 H____________ on a U____________.

30.  9 J____________ in the S____________ C____________.

31.  7 B____________ for S____________ B____________.

32.  21 D____________ on a D____________.

33.  7 W____________ of the A____________ W____________.

34.  15 M____________ on a D____________ M____________ C____________.

Over time, I have managed to deduce 31 of the 34. The solutions to 12, 13,
and 18 have so far eluded me, but I still think about them from time to time
when I become weary of omphalos skeptikos.

Good luck.
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