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To: Nottinghill Coill Fighters

Poster: John Gahrmann <jrgahrmann@geocities.com>

My appologies  to those outside our barony.

>From the Baronial Warlord
Unto the Warriors of Nottinghill Coill, 

I have been named the Baronial Warlord for our Barony. Many of us have discussed plans 
for our Baronial army and I want the input of all those who wish to participate. First I 
need to know all who wish to play an active part. If you intend to be a part of this 
effort please send me contact information. We will also need help in equipping this army. 
There are plans to build Baronial Warshields and perhaps tabards. 

First the warshields, for many reasons we are planning on building these shields from 
laminated plywood with a plastic handguard. I would like these to be light enough that 
they can be used in open field battles and durable enough that they will stand up to a 
good number of practices and wars.  I currently favor a curved shield of two < inch 
laminations of Luan plywood, reinforced at the top and leading edge with a riveted on 
double wall of plastic forming a channel into which a = inch rope is laid and all this 
covered by hose. This sounds like a lot but doing it right the first time means we dont 
have to make them again next year. I would appreciate commentary on this construction. 

Next is the shape and size of the shields.  To be effective as a shieldwall these need to 
be @2 x 4 but do not have to be the rectangular scutums.  One suggestion is to make 
them a curved bottom heater to facilitate open-field speed and manuverability. Once again 
comments are encouraged.

Finally there is the matter of tabards / unit heraldry.  First question: Does anybody 
have a problem wearing them instead of their own?  I remember a Pennsic years ago when 
all of Atlantia wore the white tabards with the seahorse, It looked awesome on the field 
and (I believe) intimidated many who fought against us that year. Unit heraldry helps us 
stay intact on the field. That year we made the tabards by having a silk-screened emblem 
made. Each fighter/group was responsible for making their own tabard to specs and 
attaching the emblem. This way the tabards actually fit the person wearing them.  What 
does everyone think of this method?

Finally. Practices need to be scheduled. Our next one should be in the Cyddlain 
Downs/Columbia area. I would like it to be in early June. Any volunteers to host it?  By 
then we can have some shields done and have a rough count of players.  I would like to 
see those that are going fight together at Pennsic. Please make any responses written 
(e-mail counts) and include contact information. As I receive your address I will mail 
you a copy of the newly written Nottinghill Coill Tactical Manual. It covers the 
commands, formations and theory behind a functional Heavy Infantry/Shieldwall unit in SCA 
combat. It also includes the practice drills we will use in training. Write today for 
your FREE copy.

With many thanks, I remain in service,
Ld. Johann von Rothenburg
John Gahrmann
103 Kay St. Central SC. 29630
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