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Re: ? Ugly and Stupid ?

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp" <dhritter@dpcmail.dukepower.com>

Well, I didn't realize Leifr's reply had gone to the Merry Rose, but since I 
didn't say anything to him I don't mind putting on MR, here ya go-


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Subject: Re: ? Ugly and Stupid ?
Author:  David H Ritterskamp at DPCDES01
Date:    4/1/97 8:07 AM

See below-
Jonathan Blackbow writes:
>      [Trust me on this one - when the Merry Rose starts trying to discuss a 
>      northern principality, it gets ugly, and stupid, and useless, usually 
>      fairly quickly.  (q.v. the archives)]
Gosh, what a nice way to put it.  Frankly, I found the whole discussion 
rather educational, about people and attitudes, mostly.
     [Well, you know me - I've never held back on terminology.  While you 
     found it educational about people and attitudes, I've never seen any 
     of those discussions resolve anything.  I don't think that information 
     about people and attitudes is useful enough to justify that.]
I don't think the discussion about the Northern Principality would have 
gotten ugly, if the participants hadn't so readily decided that their 
opponents were engaged in some form of Machiavallian politics.
     [Funny thing, that - politics is the single entity that can quickly 
     turn into a "you're either with us, or against us" scenario.  And Lord 
     help you if you're not with us.  I have a differing viewpoint than 
     many people on the principality question, which I am fairly careful to 
     keep quiet about, especially since Kane's not around anymore for me to 
     use as a sounding board.]
Leifr, the evil principality supporter ;-)
Jonathan Blackbow

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