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Re: [MR] He said, Sidhe said

Poster: Jghent@vt.edu (James Ghent)

>Hal wrote:
>> "I yam what I yam."
>> 	-Popeye
Corun wrote:
>Or as Rene Descartes would have said, "Cogito Ergo Spud" I think,
>therefore I yam.
"Cogito Cogito Ergo Cogito Sum"  I think that I think, therefore I think
that I am; As close an approach to certainty as any philoopher has yet made.

                                                --Ambrose Bierce
James Ghent
Ragnar Reinulf

If you know a friend you can fully trust,
Go often to his house;
Grass and brambles grow quickly
Upon the untrodden track.

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